ANGC Orientation Video


The George Mason High School All Night Graduation Celebration is a yearly event for High School Seniors to celebrate their graduation in a safe environment. This year, the organization committee approached me with the idea to create a video to introduce the activities of the night and go over some important safety procedures.

The Process

We were given full creative freedom on the project so we decided to bounce around between a few mini-vignettes that we knew would capture the attention of the attendees while also conveying the information effectively. Due to the time and budgetary constraints of the video, I opted to act in addition to carrying out all of the other production tasks.

The Final Product

The final result is a culmination of many hours of pre-production planning and tests as well as some creatively utilized locations. I couldn't have asked for a better process and I'm grateful to all those who were involved. Since there wasn't an appropriate opportunity for credits in the video, I'll list them here:

  • Chris Markus: Actor, Co-Director, Director of Photography, Writer, Editor
  • Logan Nesson: Actor, Co-Director, Writer, Producer
  • Bryan Martin: Camera Operator, Grip
  • Michael Murphy: Grip

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